{Weekend Update}...Just a Few Days Late

This weekend I got to see my man! He was playing baseball up in Fresno and I was lucky enough to get to tag along with his family and see him play. We didn't have much time to spend together since he couldn't stay with us, but the time we did get to spend together was definitely worth it!

Remember when I said that Bubs's games got cancelled because of a blizzard when I went to visit him in Colorado a few weeks ago? Welllll, this was the weekend that they had to be made up. So, his team played five games this weekend...you read that right five. And take a wild guess who sat through them?! But I can't complain because the weather was beautiful! I was happy to watch the games in 85 degree weather rather than 30!

The time we had with Steven was pretty short, but ohhh, sooo sweet. Seeing him is always worth the wait. I still get butterflies right before I see him. And kissing him ain't so bad either ;)

The field on Friday night! 

  Hanging out after the game on Friday

  In-between games on Saturday

Steven pitches on Sundays, so for the second game on Saturday he got to sit behind home plate so he could take stats. It was a little torturous having him so close and not being able to sit with him! So, I snuck down in between innings to say hi and snap a couple pictures.  
Saturday night we hung out and had ice cream and watched a movie! We were pretty dirty and tired from being in the sun all day! 
 And finally my man warming up before the game! Le swoon. I mean, look at that side arm. Can ya blame me?

Baseball season is treating me right because I'll see Bubs in San Diego in a little over 2 weeks! I can't wait! 

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  1. I loooove your Saturday outfit. So cute! I cannot get over how excited I am for San Diego, and I can't say it enough! Haha. :)

  2. I am soooo glad you got to see him and get to see him again in a little over two weeks! How long will he be in San Diego?

  3. What a fun weekend! So glad you got to see him. :)

  4. Le Swoon...you're adorable ;)