A Quick San Diego Trip

One good thing about Steven being on the baseball team is that he gets to travel all around the United States to play. This year he's been to Texas, North Carolina, Nebraska, South Dakota, and New Mexico to name a few. Luckily, during the season, he makes a couple trips out to California too when he plays San Diego State and Fresno State. Early in April the Falcons made their annual trip to San Diego and I was so excited to see my man!

I stayed with my friend, Katy, at her adorable apartment right across the street from the University of San Diego. It's a beautiful campus on top of a hill looking over the ocean and all of San Diego. We went out to a yummy pad thai dinner on Friday night and then I headed to Steven's baseball game with his family. After the game, we had a few hours with Steven so we tried to find a place where they could all eat dinner. San Diego goes to bed early so pretty much everything was closed by 9pm. We finally found an open restaurant where we could sit and talk. It was great catching up with his family and grandparents.

I drove Steven back to his hotel and we talked in the car for a while. It's always such a tease when I get to see him on these baseball weekends because we have so little time to actually be together. So, we always try to make the most out of the time we have. That night, I went back to Katy's and we went to a little party with some of her friends. It was fun to meet all the people that she talks about and spend time with her!

On Saturday, Steven had until 2:30 to hang out with us. We decided to go down to Mission Beach for brunch and to walk around. After brunch, we discovered a restaurant that has a wave house. A wavehouse is basically just a wave simulator. We convinced Steven to try it out. We had to wait until the next session so we walked around on the boardwalk and did a little shopping while waiting. Cheering him on while he was surfing was a blast.

Breakfast at Mission Beach! 

After we dropped Steven off for the game, I headed to UC San Diego where my family was. and where my brother Braden had his freshman orientation for the upcoming year. The campus is gorgeous, he's a lucky guy to get to go there! We went down to La Jolla for dinner that night and saw the cutest sea lions laying on the beach. It was great to be able to see my family for a little and I was sad to say goodbye!

B at his new school! 

After, I picked up Steven from his hotel after his game and then we met his family at dinner (2 nights, 4 dinners!). It was a bummer that his games were so late that weekend because it didn't leave us a lot of time at night to be able to visit with him. But, we made the best of it and I soaked up all the time I had with him.

The next morning I headed over to Steven's hotel to spend a little time with him and wish him luck  before his game. That luck must have worked because he played so well. Usually when I come to town, Steven doesn't have his best outings which leaves me to feel like a bit of a bad luck charm. Needless to say I was so happy that we finally broke our streak of me bringing the bad luck. My grandparents love Steven like he's their own grandson, so they and my great aunt and uncle came down to watch Steven's game too. I was so happy that I got to see them that weekend too!

My sweet grandma! 

After the game, we said goodbye to our families. It was nice to have just a few minutes just to ourselves to say goodbye. It's always a bittersweet goodbye. Thankful that we were able to be together, but sad that we're going back to being apart. Luckily, I got to see him last weekend when the Falcons headed to Fresno to take on Fresno State!

That's up next :)

A Break of Springs!

This break I spent a lot of time in the springs! Both Palm Springs, with two of my best friends and my mom, and Colorado Springs, with Steven. It was a perfect Spring Break.

Palm Springs was such a relaxing break after our winter quarter! It was so nice to just lay out by the pool and read a book for pure enjoyment. We didn't leave out spot at the pool the whole time except to do a little shopping and go out to dinner! 

The first night we were there, we went to Tommy Bahama's for dinner. We all split a few appetizers and it was so delicious! After, we walked around El Paseo and did a little window shopping. I loved that it was 9pm at night and we were able to walk around in summer clothes without being cold, my favorite kind of weather.

The next day, Kelsey's mom came to lounge around with us. We went out to dinner that night and walked around the River Walk. It was so cute! 

Th day I left for Colorado my mom, brother and I took a quick trip to Disneyland for lunch. Even at 20, I love that place! 

 That night, I headed off to Colorado to see my man. I hadn't seen him in over 2 months and I was so so so excited that I was going to get a whole 4 nights with him. That guy can really make me happy. I flew in late super late so I didn't get to see him until around 1am. And the next day, he had baseball practice so I hung out with one of the other baseball girlfriends and went shopping. We went on a super fun date that night and ate at the best steakhouse ever in downtown Colorado Springs. That night, we stayed up late and laughed and talked about the future. Some pretty fun stuff that we get to look forward to! 

The next morning we went to a super cute coffee house before his baseball game. It's the little things like this that make it fun to visit and feel like a normal not long distance couple. After the freezing baseball game that day, we went to a cute little diner for dinner. That night, I got my man hooked on bargain shopping for designer clothes. A favorite (sometimes unfortunate) hobby of mine. We got him a new pair of jeans, and 3 new shirts for way less than it would have been in a department store so he was pretty excited about that! That night we went back to the hotel cuddled up and watched American Hustle (well he watched it, I passed out about 20 minutes into the movie ;) ). 

At Steven's game the next day, I sat next to the cutest little girls who kept asking about Steven. They asked if he was going to take me out on a date that night and what we were going to do. They made the cold baseball game a lot more entertaining, that's for sure! Our last night, we shopped a little more (for me this time) and went out to dinner again. Steven bought me a new jumpsuit that is so cute and I'm so excited to wear! We went back to the hotel early so that we could talk and hang out before I had to leave super early the next morning. Saying goodbye wasn't so bad since I get to see him tomorrow actually! This time in a little warmer climate :) 

It was such a good weekend with him and I'm so lucky to have such a sweet guy in my life!