Hi friends! Happy Friday to y'all! 

I'm currently in Cabo with my grandparents, mom, aunt and cute cousin having the best time! We got here on Wednesday and we'll be heading home tomorrow. 

Here's a little taste of paradise that we're loving right now: 

All of these pictures are from their website 
These next three weeks are packed with fun! Steven comes home for a three week leave tomorrow and then we leave on vacation for another two weeks! I can't wait to spend time with him, it's been too long! 

Be forewarned, there will be lots of updates and pictures coming your way soon! 

Patriotic Dessert

Over Memorial Day, I made this dessert and it was sooo good

These jars were super easy to make...they literally took less than 5 minutes! 
All you need is Angel Food cake, berries and whipped cream(homemade is always better, in my opinion ;) ). Cut up the cake into little pieces and layer the three ingredients then enjoy! 

Yummy, light, and refreshing! 

My {Freshman} Year!

My freshman year is officially over! I cannot believe how fast it went. I had such an amazing year meeting new people and experiencing new things! I thought I'd do a little freshman year in review through pictures for y'all!

I moved into my dorm at UCSB and joined Alpha Phi!


S came to visit me during Thanksgiving! I was so happy he was able to go to my Fall Formal :) 

Christmastime at home!

A fun visit from my friends and a trip to Colorado for my birthday!

I got a job writing for the school newspaper, spent Valentine's Day away from my man, went to Red Dress Ball and had a fun visit home

Spring Break!! Time at home and in Colorado!  


Phi Week and Mother's Day in San Diego :)

Friends came to visit and it was my dad's birthday!

It was such a fun year and it literally flew!! Here's to 3 more! :) 

Happy summer! 

Flashback...{Losing} the Title

Last year, Steven and I won Prom King and Queen, and this weekend, S and I lost our  title, and a new couple was was a tragic evening.
Just kidding, I didn't even remember until one of my friends reminded me! hehe 
So, I thought I'd share a few prom pictures from my last prom! I can't believe it was already a year ago..


This year, I was lucky enough to get to see my younger brother off to his junior Prom! It was so fun, I love seeing everyone all gussied up! 
(He took pictures at the same place I did last year!)