Who Wears Short Shorts?

Last week, in an afternoon state of boredom when I was at home, I cleaned out my closet. Here's a secret; I still wear some of the clothes that I wore in 7th grade...I'm 19 now but I definitely still rock clothes from Abercrombie. Don't judge. Of course, I definitely had some "did you seriously wear that?" clothing and the shorts I found way in the back of my drawer would probably fall into that category.
Here they are in all their glory. 
I was going to throw them into the Goodwill pile, but when I tried them on, they fit really well. And  I'm sure many of you ladies can relate to the feeling of not wanting to part with something that just fits so nicely. It's a hard feeling to come by. The only thing I didn't like was the awkward length. They weren't short enough or long enough to be cutely worn. So, I chopped 'em up...obviously.

 (Pretty unevenly I might add) 

I couldn't just leave it at that because I still had 3 hours to kill after all. So I went to Joann's and spent $2 on some eyelet material. Since I can't sew, at all, I used an iron-on adhesive to get the eyelet to stay on the shorts.  Lining the adhesive up in between the eyelet and the shorts was a bit tricky so I used pins to help me out.  

The rest was easy because all I had to do was iron! I'm pretty excited to have some new shorts to wear! 


  1. ah these are so cute!! When I've cut my shorts in the past they look great at first, but start to fray alot, grrr. DO you know if your iron on will stop that? Love love love them!

  2. These are so cute!! I just bought jeans the other weekend...the first time since 2005!

    Cleaning my closet is my next thing to tackle...so not looking forward to it!

  3. These are super cute! In my spring cleaning I found a pair just like those... looks like I have a new DIY craft! Thanks for the great idea!

  4. Cute!! My goal is to clean out my closet this weekend!

  5. Those shorts turned out adorable! So creative! :)

  6. Ummm that is a SERIOUSLY cute idea! I have some jeans of my own to update.

  7. These are SO cute!! New follower from FFF :) would love you to join our hop too at www.IDontGototheGym.com!

    Happy Friday!

    Jamie & Kristen

  8. Found you on the link up party! You have such a cute blog, and I love this DIY. Especially since you didn't sew it. I can't sew for the life of me, so this is perfect. What kind of adhesive did you use???

    Follow each other??

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  9. Whoa, Kudos to you! Those are adorable and I would have never thought to get stuff to iron on fabric. Looks like I'll be making myself some new shorts here soon (:

  10. All of these very shorts stylish & looking pretty.

    Short shorts

  11. Super cute! Don't feel bad either, I am 24 and I have found a couple of things I used to wear back when I was in middle school in my closet.