My Boyfriend {Jumps} Out of Planes

Steven had three 3 week periods this summer. The first period he had a program called ESET which was basically survival training. The second period he had leave (the best time ever) and the third period, which he is finishing up this week, was jump training! 

At first I was a little scared about the idea of my boyfriend jumping out of a plane by himself 5 times, but then after a little reassurance from the man my nerves calmed down. Also, I figured the government isn't going to throw something that they've invested hundreds of thousands of dollars in if they don't expect it to survive...right? Steven has been tandem skydiving before so he had a little bit of background on the whole jumping thing as well. 

He had done a lot of prepping and memorizing of emergency procedures before his first jump in case *god forbid* something was going to go wrong while he was mid-jump. So, I was super excited for him when he got to do it for the first time last Friday! He was a total natural, as always. Seriously, there's nothing that guy can't do well(Why can't everyone have that trait?!)! The next four jumps went without flaw and my man officially has his wings! 
(After 5 solo jumps you get a pin to show that you've completed the training called your "wings"...I love those cute Air Force traditions!) 

It just so happens that Steven fell in love with skydiving even more these past few weeks and is now going to try out for the jump team! He tries out in a week or so, so send him some luck! If you want, you can send me some too because this whole "Bye, love you! I'm going to go jump out of a plane now!" thing is going to take a little more getting used to!

Hope everyone had a great weekend 


  1. Oh my gosh, how exciting! Congrats to Steven! I bet that is such an adrenaline rush, and I know my husband has been itching to try it. Thankfully for him he will get to jump out of planes towards the end of training. Glad he had fun!


  2. Congrats to him! That's so exciting! Dan was unable to take jump during his sophomore summer because of his flying team commitments, so he is taking it this coming semester and is SUPER excited about it (but also a little nervous). Those are some great pictures, too! Did he have someone take them? I am hoping I'll be able to go up to USAFA to watch at least one of Dan's jumps... it looks like so much fun!!


  3. I would have been pretty scared for him too, but I'm glad all came out well and that he enjoys it! It does look like it would be fun {for somebody else, I would have been scared out of my mind}!

  4. Congratulations!! My husband is in the Army and doesn't usually get the chance to get out of airplanes or helicopters, but he LOVES it when he can!

  5. Congrats to your man :) I totally get you being scared, my husband was in the 82nd and did a lot of jumps (luckily before I met him, I would have been freaking out). Wish you all the best :)