I live in a house with {50} girls

Well, not yet...but in a month I will! This weekend I went up to Santa Barbara to visit some of my friends who are doing summer school there right now! We had such a blast and in just a few weeks we will allll be living in the Alpha Phi house together! I'm so so so excited but I was thinking about it last night and 50 women means a lot of estrogen...and that can get a little scary. Here are the things I'm most excited & nervous about! 

Ladies understand this one. Hair falls out. It's a normal thing. But, when there are 50 heads of hair shedding, that makes for a lot of it left around the house, which also means hair "spiders" which are pretty much one of my worst fears. 

(Sorry if there are any gentlemen reading this) You know how people say when you're around a person enough your cycles sync? Well, imagine a few dozen emotional women...that thought is enough to make me emotional too. 

The Snack Kitchen 
The snack kitchen is basically the place you go in the house to eat. That's where all the leftover dinner/dessert from the night before hangs out, so it can definitely become a dangerous place if you don't watch yourself! 

Proximity to campus 
This one is an awesome one. I literally live about a 2 minute walk from campus. I'm so excited that I won't have to bike a mile to class every morning anymore! I can take a cup of coffee with me because I can walk now instead of spilling it all over myself while biking. 

50 girls means 50 closets, and everyone lends and borrows. Oh, the outfit possibilities. It's kind of like we're all Kim Kardasian now. 

50 Girlfriends 
This is what I'm most excited about. I get to live in a house with
all of my best friends right down the hall from me. If I want to study, see a movie, go to lunch, go to the beach, go out, or just talk and hang out, I'll have a friend who will do it with me.


  1. Oh wow!!! What an amazing experience you will have.

  2. Enjoy it!! I lived in the sorority house for 2 years, and it was such an awesome experience! I definitely miss it!!


  3. Dang! I can't even begin to imagine what that is like! I was in an all girls choir in college so that is close, but we didn't live together lol

  4. That's a lot of people in one house! I was in a sorority as well in College but the houses at my school only fit 12 girls. That was enough drama and estrogen in itself. I can't imagine 50! The friendship and sisterhood is so worth it though! =]