Gotta Have My Girls

When we first got engaged, so many people asked me questions about what I had in mind for our wedding. What kind of dress, what colors, where it would be...all that wedding jazz that I should have but hadn't really considered yet for my own wedding. I didn't know how to respond without seeming uninterested. Sure I have hundreds--okay maybe thousands, who's counting--of pins on Pinterest with ideas I might like, but the only thing I knew for sure was who my bridesmaids were going to be... the girls who can make me laugh until I cry and know what I'm thinking with just one look. The girls who I would do anything for and I know they would do the same for me. Sooooo excited to have these 9 gals by my side!

So yay! One month after getting engaged and less than a year away from our wedding date, indecisive me made two whole decisions! (Now we have a lot more finalized and I can't wait to share!) The next step was coming up with a cute way to officially ask them to be my bridesmaids, a task that was harder than I expected. There were so many cute ideas but also a lot of interesting (trying to be nice) ones, let me tell you. Check out the weirdest one yet here.

I decided to go sweet + simple and give the gals a bottle of wine with a cute label! I created the wine labels online which was so fun to do. The original labels came off easily just by soaking them in water and baking soda. The labels went on nicely, but luckily I ordered a few extra labels because I put a few on slightly crooked...I'll blame that on watching the Bachelorette at the same time not my lack of craftiness haha!

I gave most of the bottles to the gals in person, but had to ship one across country. Apparently it's illegal to send alcohol in the mail--who knew?--so I had to tell a white lie at the post office and say that I was sending olive oil. I'll take two glasses of that olive oil, please ;)

This kind of wedding planning stuff is what I absolutely love, I'm so excited to do more of it!  Now that I have asked everyone, I can officially say that I will have the besssssst bridal party standing beside me on my wedding day!


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