{Ohio} Part 2

On Thursday, we went to a huge amusement park called Cedar Point. I like roller coasters, but I had never been on anything like these rides. They were huge. I was terrified to go on the first one because of course, we chose the most frightening looking one ever, but it ended up being a good one to set the tone because we all had a blast! It was a great day. The park was practically empty and there were barely any lines! Steven's family said that they had never seen the park like that before. The weather probably had a little bit to do with why the park was so empty. It was a pretty day all day, but at dinner time it started pouring. We were caught in a huge thunderstorm and it was actually really scary. The thunder was shaking the chairs and sounded like the storm was on top of us! When it finally passed, we snuck in a few more of the best rides. One of my favorite parts of the day was at the end when Steven and I were dancing in the middle of the park. I had a pretty bad headache that day, so all of the crazy rides weren't really helping that situation but I was having too much fun to miss out. So, when bubba's family went on our last ride a second and third time, S and I sat the last 2 out. We danced to the sweet country music that was playing around us, it was the perfect ending to our exciting day! 
Here are two of the biggest roller coasters there!

The middle of the storm!
The day after that we went on a really cool 7 mile kayaking trip. The scenery on the river was gorgeous and we had a great time floating along. That night we went downtown and listened to a Queen cover band at a free concert venue! The atmosphere was so fun. There were so many people there! We also stumbled upon a really cool popcorn store that had 50 different flavors of popcorn! Of course we had to try a few and they were all sooo good.

On our last day, all of Steven's aunts and uncles came over and we had a big barbecue and bonfire in the backyard. It was really fun to meet and talk with his whole family!

Our trip to Ohio was amazing and we had the best time! The fun definitely didn't stop there. We headed straight to our next destination from Ohio...next stop: Cancun!! 


  1. Oh my gosh, my heart rate increased just looking at that roller coaster picture. Did you two ride that?! Yall are so precious- so glad you had a fun weekend!


  2. It looks like y'all had an amazing adventure :) I'm going to have to take my bf to Cedar Point because he LOVES roller coasters.

  3. I love Cedar Point! It is one my favorite places to go! Did you go on the Millennium Force and Top Thrill Dragster?

  4. I just came across your blog and I'm totally guilty of stalking it.

    Your blog is so sweet and I love that your man is in the US Air Force Academy. My man is a pilot and an Officer Cadet for the Canadian Air Force.

    I love that you got to spend time with him and his family. You two are such a cute couple!

    Can't wait to follow along and read more! :)