Steven had 3 weeks of leave this summer, so his family planned a super fun vacation that let us visit with all of his family! Our first stop was a week in Ohio with his dad's side of the family!

I had never been to Ohio, or the Midwest for that matter (except Chicago but that probably doesn't count all that much) before this so I was really excited. We had a little bit of a travel mishap when we arrived at 1am and found out that the airline left our checked baggage where we caught our connecting flight. That was a bit of a bummer, but we luckily had enough essentials with us to get us through the night! 

Steven's roommate from last semester, Joe, lives really close to his grandma's house. So, the next day we all went wake boarding and water skiing on Joe's boat. It was really fun to meet up with him! After we had our fun on the water, we all went out to eat. We escaped the looming thunderstorm perfectly because it was beautiful all morning and the torrential downpour only started the last few minutes of lunch! We got really lucky that day. Later that day, we played mini golf with Steven's family which was a blast. That night, Steven and I met up with Joe again and he brought his girlfriend, Emily, with him. We all had a great time! Those boys are so cute. 

Steven, Joe, Emily and I were talking about the differences between Ohio and California and we were all cracking up. Here are the main things that we noticed! 
  • Let's just start off with talking about how green Ohio is...like really, really green. Seriously, everywhere you look there are huge, gorgeous trees. It's not like that here in California. It's a beautiful place, don't get me wrong, but it's definitely not as green as Ohio! 
  • Another thing that we noticed was that there were barely any sidewalks where Joe and Emily live. Where Bubs and I are from, it's rare not to see a sidewalk unless you're on the freeway of course. 
  • This one isn't only about Ohio, but I always get a kick out of the fact that major super markets are different in different states, I'm weird..I know. In Oahu, it's Foodland, in Southern California Pavilions, Vons, and Albertsons are big. In Ohio...Giant Eagle. 
  • And there's the most obvious linguistic difference as well. California- soda. Ohio- pop.

And those were our first two days in the Buckeye State! Check back soon for the next two and then our amazing trip to Cancun! 


  1. I'm glad you had fun during Steven's leave. That's awesome! I have never been to Ohio, but I'm heading there in just a couple weeks to see a friend (and USAFA grad wife!) I am from the midwest, though, so it probably won't be TOO new to me. :-P


  2. I love love love Ohio! My extended family all lives there and I love going back!

  3. Aww! Looks like a great vacation and definitely lots of fun!