All I Post About Is Colorado

Maybe that will change one day, maybe it won't. I've been so busy these past few weeks at school and I barely find time to call my mom let alone write. Now that midterms (I can't believe this quarter is already half way done) are over, hopefully I'll be able to post more, because I really do miss blogging. The holidays are coming and I'm almost positive that there's nothing better to post about than the holidays.

Anyways, about a month ago I went to Colorado to visit my hunky man. Colorado is absolutely beautiful in the fall. We don't get said seasons in good ol' Southern California so I took about 85 pictures of the foliage.
USAFA's pretty in the fall 
One of my friends picked me and a few other girls up from the airport. We all met last year because their boyfriends go to the Academy as well. We went out to lunch while our guys were at practices or class. After lunch, we headed over to the base and I met Steven down at the baseball field. I never realize how much I missed him until I see him again. We met up with Steven's friends from the baseball team that night for dinner along with their girlfriends. We went to a delicious Italian restaurant and had so much fun talking and laughing. After dinner, S and I went to get frozen yogurt, just the two of us, because what is a date with out it?

Obviously we had to share the cup, we can't be separated in anyway when we get to be together
The next day, Steven had a baseball game. Luckily, it was one of the warmer days so sitting outside wasn't so bad. I had a huge blanket and about 3 jackets on which may have been the reason that I could bear it. The game didn't go as he planned...I honestly believe that I'm either bad luck or that he gets nervous in my presence, because the games I go to, well we'll just leave it at that.

A beautiful selfie of me in out in the cold 

That night, we had dinner at a cute little cafe and then decided to drive an hour to a corn made and pumpkin patch. We had the best time driving there. I couldn't wipe the smitten smile off my face the entire time, that boy makes me so happy. And he had me cry laughing with the new accent he's acquired at the Academy with all those Texan fellas. He claims he doesn't have one but when he stated that he "hates Jimmy Johns" (It's a sandwich chain..who knew? Not me) he sounded like he was straight from Austin.

We were driving along back roads for a while and when we finally reached the corn maze I'd be lying if I said we weren't a little skeptical. It was completely dark in the middle of a neighborhood that had absolutely no street lights. Despite the lack of lights, the parking lot was packed with cars, so we faced our fear of the dark and got out of the car to ask around. We were directed down the street and you turn a corner and all of a sudden there's the cutest pumpkin patch you've ever seen. With admission, you got to go in the corn maze and take home a pumpkin. Steven and I went in the corn maze first. It was seriously so much fun. I was a little nervous at first because it was totally dark in there, but having a cute guy holding your hand the entire time makes one feel a little safer. We got lost in the maze for about an hour and we were just so happy to be together. After the corn maze, we picked out our pumpkins and drank the homemade apple cider they were selling. It was a perfect night.

The next day, Steven had another game but because he wasn't playing, I opted out and instead got coffee and shopped with my friend Aly. We headed over to the Academy after to catch the kickoff of her boyfriend's soccer game. Halfway through the first half, Steven called and said he was done already. Funny how fast the game goes when you aren't sitting through it, huh? We went back and changed clothes and then took a self guided tour around the Springs. We shopped and ate the best dinner ever. We ended our last night at the movies which was super relaxing. We held hands and talked the rest of the night about the future and life in general. It was bittersweet knowing that I was leaving in the morning.

My handsome steak eating American man 

After breakfast, Steven had to drive me to the airport. Walking inside and watching him over my shoulder is always the worst feeling, knowing that I won't see him for another 40 days. But, now that we're only 10 days away from our next reunion, it doesn't seem so bad. I'm so grateful for our perfect weekend!


  1. You two are so cute! The corn maze would have freaked me out a little too. I'm glad you got to see each other!

  2. TEN DAYS TEN DAYS!! I love when they are home for Thanksgiving! You guys seriously take the cutest pictures. So happy you had a great weekend!

  3. 1. It's totally cool to only post about Colorado. It's pretty awesome.
    2. How does he hate Jimmy John's?

    1. Ha! Thank you :) And I think the only reason is because he has to eat it so much when he's out on the road for baseball ;)

  4. Colorado is such a beautiful place! :)

  5. I love your posts about Colorado! I am also married to an air force guy and we are both from Colorado (but now living in Florida) and I really enjoy all your pictures from my home state.