Resolutions (2014)

Be a better friend, girlfriend, sister, daughter, granddaughter, student, niece
Listen more than I talk, be compassionate and caring, and take time to appreciate the relationships I have with each person in my life. 


Grow in my faith 


Do more of what makes me happy//Be more of a positive light
Sometimes I get so caught up in what I think I'm supposed to be doing and don't find time to do things that I truly enjoy. 

Life is truly a gift and I feel so blessed. I hope that everyone had a happy holiday season with their family and friends! I know I did and I can't wait to post about it! 



  1. I love your first one! I truly think our relationships are the most important things in our lives. I can't wait to read all about your fun adventures over break - here's to hoping we can both keep up more with blogging! ;)

    1. Cheers to that! Hope you and Dillon had a great break!