A Weekend in Colorado: Snowboarding in Vail

For Christmas, Steven bought me a ticket to see him the weekend of my birthday!

I flew out of Santa Barbara on Friday and landed in Denver around 6pm. I had a 3 hour layover for a 17 minute flight to Colorado Springs...pathetic right? So, I decided to skip the connecting flight and make the one hour drive to the Academy for a few extra hours with my man (I was with him before my flight would have taken off!).

A little homework before the flight...

We had a cozy dinner and spent the rest of the night talking, laughing and just enjoying each others company.

On Saturday, at zero dark thirty, we headed to vail for a day on the slopes. The drive was beautiful and scenic and I got to hold bubba's hand the whole time. It's funny how I used to take for granted simple things like that.

Steven's always ecstatic to be able to use his military discount and that day I was too considering our lift tickets were only $70 apiece (a whole lot cheaper than the regular $130)! The snowboard he rented for me at the academy was only $20 for the weekend. Perks of being the property of the US Government, I guess.

By 9 am, we were on the slopes having so much fun. The weather was beautiful and the snow was perfect. The only break we took was to grab a fun lunch at the top of the mountain. We stayed on the slopes until the lifts closed at 4. 


On our way to the hotel, we stopped to get some hot chocolate. Getting hot chocolate from the gas station is one of our weird little traditions. Hot chocolate out of the machine is seriously one of the best things on this planet.

That night, we stayed with 3 of Steven's friends from the Academy. We all went out to a fun dinner, hung out and relaxed! 

I must say, it was an extremely fun birthday eve!

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