A Weekend in Colorado: Birthday Fun

Sunday was my birthday!

It was the best birthday present knowing that I got to spend the entire day with Steven. We had a lazy, slow moving morning so we skipped breakfast and went straight to lunch. Steven's best friend, Hunter, was heading back to Colorado Springs that day too, so he came with us.

We ate lunch in Vail Village, the cutest little ski town. I'm definitely a Park City girl, but it's safe to say that Vail Village is a close second! There's a little stream that runs through the town and along the bank of it, they had the coolest ice sculptures.  Also, they still had a few Christmas decorations up which made me extremely happy!


The cutest puppy

After, we headed back to the Academy. Steven always drives, I usually navigate. It's a pretty foolproof system except for the fact that I am the worst navigator ever. So, that leads to Bubs being both the navigator and the driver, while I control the radio...I'm really good at that.

When we finally got to the Springs, we picked up Hunter's girlfriend, Caitlin, at the base. Then we dropped off our snowboards and luggage, freshened up really quick and headed to Castle Rock for dinner. It was so fun hanging out with them we talked and laughed all night. It was so fun to be able to spend my birthday with them too!

Aren't they so adorable?? 

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